NEW MFi Gaming Controllers For IPhone And IPad

- Apr 07, 2019-

Apple brought gaming to a whole new level with the MFi controllers and tons of immersive games. These Gaming Controllers for iPhone and iPad look more like the traditional game controllers. These video controllers are equipped with joysticks, triggers, and buttons. These iOS gaming controllers make complex games easier and enjoyable. These game controllers are featured with Bluetooth connectivity, pressure sensing, responsive triggers, etc. With new games emerging and considering the increase in the amount of on-the-go gamers.


We thought this is the right time to round up some of the best gaming controllers for iPhones/iPads.


GameVice Gaming Controller (iPhone)

The Gamevice MFi controller is a dual console gaming controller. The Gamevice has built-in gaming buttons and joystick. The buttons are responsive for the best gaming experience. The controllers on the console are compatible with most of the games. The triggers are rigid and strong. And the buttons and joysticks are elegant in design. This iPhone gaming controller contains two handy grips. The stretchable band (flex bridge) is accurately crafted to hold the iPhone strongly between the two controller pads.


This gaming controller for the iPhone draws the power direct from iPhone. This drawing power is only an ample amount, just as little as your headphones do. This iPhone gaming controller comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect headphone. Even though this is a gaming control, you can use the same to control any standard drone or UAV, with iPhone.