Must-buy Oral Health Daily Necessity—— Portable Water Flosser

- Nov 20, 2019-

Do not have money to wash teeth in hospital, I would like to recommend a mouth care daily necessity——Portable Water Flosser.

When we go to the hospital to have our teeth cleaned, the dentist will use a "water gun", which will use the high frequency pulse of water impact to remove the dirty things and stubborn dental stones left inside the teeth.

b2288de5633e4250a2671a569eeab338The water flosser works the same way, using high-pressure water to clean the blind area. 

Water can penetrate 360 degrees from tooth to tooth, teeth to gums, and even around orthodontic appliances.

It has a very strong impact, with a pulse rate of 1,400 to 1,800 times per minute, which can be used to flush out the residue and dirt that has been stuck in the gap.



  • This jet of water is not only powerful, the range is also very far.


images (4)image 

  • In the image above, corn is used to simulate teeth.

Use this water flosser to flush the cracks in the corn and instantly clean the super dirty corn.The teeth are rinsed with an oral irrigator, just like the corn seam in the picture above, and the water "bounces" between the teeth.

After that, it feels like you just washed your teeth. The whole mouth is clean and, free from food debris and awful odors.