Mobile Phone Clamp For Xbox One/S/X/Controller

- Aug 23, 2019-

We are the original designer and manufacturer of Nintendo Mobile Phone Clamp. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we designed this controller phone clip for gamers. It is not only beautiful but also practical. Please see the introduction for details....


1.Product Introduction

This product bracket consists of 2 parts. The connecting rod bracket and the base are connected. You can rotate 180 degrees freely, adjust the position of your mobile phone and enjoy your game at will.

2.Product Feature and Application

*The telescopic clamp design,the maximum compatible with 6 inches of mobile phone (The width of 88mm below)

*The angle adjusting function,adjusting the angle up to 180 degrees,the player can be adjusted to their most comfortable angle to playing game.

*For convenient using,you can put the clamp and the controller separation separation used as mobile phone stand.


Regardless of the angle, the bracket accepts the whole disk.


Creative split design, get rid of the cumbersome host to the palm of the hand, successfully meet the desire of the game players where to go.


All along, we pay attention to the user experience, according to the ergonomics, human-machine design concept, let gamers get the best user experience, if you like this product, welcome to customize!