MINI Joycon And Pro Controller Charging Dock For Nintendo Switch MINI

- May 31, 2019-

We are the original designer and producer of this Handle Charger for Nintendo Switch Joy Con.
This handle charger is mainly for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con,it can charge four joy-cons at the same time,with brand and charging indicating light.

1.Product Introduction

We are professional supplier of the following Handle Charger for Nintendo Switch Joy Con.

Small size makes it easy to carry also save the transportation cost.

Unique light indication:Charging red,full green.

Innovative Eye-catching logo design.

2.Product Parameter (specification)





3.Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

* Portable and easy to carry when you go out play with friend

* Package included a 80cm type-c charging cable

* When the joy-con is charging,the light shows red,when no joy-cons/fully charged,the light turns green.

4.Product Details

HOT Charging Stand for Joy-Con

This is how the dock looks when putting joy-con on it.It supports charging four joy-cons Simultaneously.The logo could be changed to yours.The color of the charging indicating light could also be OEM.

Stand with charging function for Joy-Con

The full joy-con charging dock could be put into our compact package design easily.

Charger for Joy-Con

This charger support charging four joy-cons at the same time,which enable your basic charging needs.