Mario & Sonic AT 2020 Tokyo Olympics

- Oct 31, 2019-

2020 Tokyo Olympics official game works

"Mario & Sonic AT 2020 Tokyo OlympicsTM" game information 7th wave public


■Project introduction [Tokyo 2020 project "110m hurdle race"]

Use the 110-meter straight track of the track and field track, and cross the 6-column set in the middle during the running to compete for time.

You can start sprinting at the right time at the start! The whole process needs to be accelerated, and choosing the right time to take off the hurdle is the key to victory.

When you jump to the last frame at the best time, you will be able to launch a "special jump" that is super-accelerated.


■Project introduction [Tokyo 2020 project "Archery"]

The archery test is the attention of each archery and the judgment of the wind.

The competition is divided into "individual competition" and "team competition". Each shot is shot at 2 arrows and a total of 3 rounds are scored.

Since the emitted arrows are affected by wind and gravity, it is especially important to shoot the target and consider the distance between the target and the wind.

A "special shot" that scores twice as high as a high score will be a good chance to earn points in one go.


■Project introduction [Tokyo 2020 project "Boxing"]

The charm of boxing is precisely the game with the opponents, and the refreshing action that makes you feel full of power.

Attacks and defenses are divided into upper and lower sections, predicting each other's actions and enjoying a simple but esoteric attack and defense game.

In addition, the special slot for the launch of the "special heavy punch" can be used for continuous heavy boxing.

When using the somatosensory operation, you can make a variety of boxing based on the actual movements, making full use of the body to intuitively expand the possibility of the battle.