Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta Is Now Open

- Dec 24, 2019-

Mario Kart Tour is the iOS and Android version of Mario Kart, which has opened its multiplayer beta test, but only for players paying a monthly GBP 5 Gold Pass subscription fee.


The new mode allows players to fight side by side on their phones, and it will be available in beta until December 27 (via Siliconera).

Nintendo warns players that since the multiplayer mode is Beta, crashes, errors, and severe lags are likely to occur. It makes sense to thoroughly test this mode in Beta, but weirdly, the game didn't include this obvious trick when it was released.

It's also worth noting that you can use the Gold Pass for free and enter multiplayer mode immediately, though please be careful not to get stuck with automatic updates! classic!

Oh, and at this moment, Mario Racing is full of joy. The Christmas update gave the game a makeover, including making a pair of antlers for Yoshi. One thing to note.