Luigi Haunted House 3

- Oct 28, 2019-

[Luigi Haunted House 3] The Nintendo Switch platform is the exclusive new work, and the video game Chinese subtitle video is introduced.

Luigi will explore the wonderful floors of the splendid luxury hotels. Vegetation-covered floors, pyramids on desert floors, sparkling disco floors and many other challenging and quirky restaurants.

Luigi will use the new Ghost Vacuum Cleaner, which is indispensable to eliminate ghosts, to challenge the ghosts who are blocking Luigi's progress.


The first function: hit. While sucking, the ghosts are thrown to the ground, and a range of attack power is applied to the surrounding ghosts to cause different degrees of damage.

The second function: sucker launch. Aiming at the target to launch the suction cup, destroying the furniture and windows that block the road, you can take away the ghost shield and other more ways to use it to find out.

The third function: jetting. Use a ghost vacuum cleaner to spray air onto the ground and jump up. You can blow away ghosts. The jet function is very useful when exploring the floor.

Special new features:  You can cross the iron bar, you can move forward in the pipe, and Luigi can't do anything, just give it to Yi Yiji. You can share Luigi or Yi Yiji with your companions, or switch roles alone and explore together in a dangerous hotel. There will be different ghosts on each floor waiting for you to challenge. However, it should be noted that the weakness of Yan Yiji is water.

This is a new multiplayer play mode that works with peers to challenge the Terror Tower. It is possible to assemble 4 switches to cooperate with each other. You can also work in online mode, with up to 8 people challenging the task together.

Amusement park battle mode: divided into Luigi team and Yi Yi Ji team. Can experience a different party game than the main story.