Lethal League Blaze Will Log On PS4 And Switch On July 12

- Jun 25, 2019-

The publisher Oizumi Amuzio announced that Lethal League Blaze will be launched on the PS4 and Swash platforms in Japan on July 12 for 2,000 yen. The physical version of the special edition will be available on September 12 for 3,500 yen .1"Lethal League Blazes" first landed in Steam in October 2018. It is a fast-paced baseball fighting game that pursues a sense of percussion and speed. It has a distinctive role design and impressive soundtrack. The game stage is set in the glittering capital, where anti-gravity balls have long been classified as illegal by the government, and teams that insist on playing are called lethal leagues. Until now, these players are still fighting for challenge and glory in the underground league.2

The goal of the game is to beat your opponent with the ball. Show your skills and hit the ball from a perfect angle, or surprise your opponent with the special skills of your character. Every time you hit the ball, it will increase the speed of the ball, and there is a chance to double and accelerate! You can change the ball into the type you like, after all, at this speed, the table can turn like a ball! This work supports local multi-player warfare, as well as single-player mode and networking mode!3

Looking forward for it's release time.