Let's Displlay Your Skills On The New Gamepad Switch Super Controller Grip TNS-19252

- Jul 31, 2020-

New technology  brings new experience


Lets unveil the new skills of Switch super controller grips TNS-19252

  1. Convenient and Fast automatic connection

The Switch console can be directly plugged in TNS-192525 gamepad and the ergonomic design offers better grip and frees players from hand sore or fatigue even for long  time of use.

  2. 6-axis gryscope gravity sensor 


Switch TNS-19252 gamepad has embedded 6-axis gryoscope chip which can not only sense up and down, back and forth, left and right movements like ordinary gravity sensor but also trun left and right, up and down, and back and forth. This technology is adopted by FOMIS's new controller TNS-1952 to be more responsive to somatosensory movements. 

3. Dual motor vibration 

The force feedback in the games could only be felt in a single vibration mode on the gamepad previously. However, Switch TNS-19252 gamepad uses the design of dual vibration motors, offering more intuitive and stronger feeling of vibration according to the vibration effect shown by game scenes and making the game more immersive even without visual guidance. 

4. E-sports 3D joystick

The e-sports 3D joystick design of Switch TNS-19252 gamepad can realize lightning-type flexible movement, continuous direction output, and naturally smooth operation. Easy completionof turning,Sprinting, and other skills will become a magic weapon for your game. 

5. Quick charge, play while charging

Adopting Type-C interface, Switch TNS-19252 gamepad has higher transmission speed and charging efficiency. Besides, it supports play while charging without compromising its service life. Moreover, its double-hole design can retain the original effect even after using for a long time. 

6. All-round protection

The anti-slip texture design ensures more stable and accurate operation.. Besides. the scratch-resistant protective layer gives all-round protection to the product. 

In summary, Swicth TNS-19252 plug-in gamepad by FOMIS can undoubtedly meet all your expectations. You can effortlessly complete amazing operations and definitely have one.  Are you interested in the fasinating product?