Is Mobile Phone Cancellation Headphone Hole Really A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

- Feb 02, 2019-

Since the release of the iphone 7 in 2016, more and more mobile phones on the market have begun to cancel the headphone hole, the average consumer is naturally do not understand the reason, but there is no way, manufacturers do what we can only buy, but gradually found that there is no headphone hole both profit and disadvantages, then this is a good thing or a bad thing?

The biggest downside: the use of all kinds of inconvenience If you still want to continue to use wired headphones, then you have to put the manufacturer's gift transfer wiring at all times with the body, if out of the away forgot to bring the wiring, it is uncomfortable can not quietly listen to the song Chase play game. Have you noticed that there are more and more "mobile phone out of the party" that recently went to school by subway and took the bus?

Maybe they don't really want to disturb others, they just forget to bring the wiring ...

Benefit One: Directly promote the rapid development of Bluetooth headset industry IPhone 7 Remove headphone hole in the eyes of many people seems to be to promote their own wireless headphone ring money, but one said, Airpods is definitely the industry's most advanced Bluetooth headset. In the trend of Apple led, headphone manufacturers began to transform the development of wireless headphones, these two years can be said to be the Bluetooth headset industry progress the fastest vitality of the most vigorous period, more stable connection experience and better non-destructive sound quality transmission, so that Bluetooth headphones in just a two years to be more and more people accepted,

And the price is becoming more and more populist because of the fierce competition.

Benefit Two: Improve the waterproof performance of mobile phones while making them thinner After removing the headphone hole, it becomes easier for handset makers to want to do a high level of waterproof and dustproof, and the iphone is a good example. Of course, you want a high level of waterproof performance does not have to remove the headphone hole, for example, Samsung and Sony have been both, but the cost will be increased.

and the domestic mobile phone to remove the headphone hole, temporarily more just a follower behavior, so far support IP68 class waterproof and dustproof non-headphone hole domestic machine only a few, is not to do, just willing to pay to do the problem. In fact, from my personal subjective point of view, the mobile phone to remove the headphone hole this thing I think is the general trend, the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, technology to break through the development will inevitably bring pain, and perhaps many people do not want to spend a few more over to buy a good Bluetooth headset, but I believe that as long as you use convenient Bluetooth headphones You don't really want to go back to the cable age. What do people think of the mobile phone manufacturers to kill the headphone hole thing?