In May, The Total Revenue Of All Platforms Declined 4% Year On Year.

- Jun 24, 2019-

Superdata, a data company, has disclosed the global consumption of digital games in May 2019. Overall, the revenue of the game industry in terms of digital games has declined from last year. The main reason is that the revenue of Fortress Night and mobile games has declined.Nintendo switch accessory

According to Superdata, consumers worldwide spent $8.7 billion on digital games (including hosts, PCs and mobile platforms) in May 2019, down 4% from last year. Among them, mobile games, the total amount of digital consumption decreased by 6%, while the main reason for the decline in the amount of consumption of mainframe and PC is "Fortress Night".ps4 headset

Of course, even so, "Fortress Night" still has excellent results, in terms of digital game revenue, "Fortress Night" ranks fifth on the PC side, and ranks first on the host side.

Players can view the ranking of global game revenue in May 2019 through the following picture:

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