How To Use Mouse&keyboard Converter TNS-19077

- Jun 19, 2020-

imageHow can it be connected to the switch console to realize the gaming experience used by the mouse & keyboard converter?

Please kindly see the below instructions:

  1. Turn on the Switch Console, Click [Settings], [Handle and Sensor], select [ Wired Connection for Pro Handle] and set to [On].

  2. Plug the Switch Console into the Switch HDMI video base which is with power supply and connecteded to monitor (TV/Computer).

  3. Plug the USB cable of the Mouse & Keyboard Converter into the USB interface on the Switch HDMI video base (the one on the back) and "white light" indicates a successful connection, connect the wired game handle to USB interface 2 and  "white light"indicates a successful connection, connect the keyboard and mouse to USB interface 1 or USB interface 3 repspectively and "red light" indicates connection of the keyboard while "green light" indicates successful connection of the mouse.

When all these steps are completed, players can use the keyboard and mouse to play games with the default setting of the keys (for details, please refer to the sketch of the corresponding key function of Switch handle to mouse/keyboard). Cutstomised key function should be set by players in advance.

It has 8 storage regions. F1 fefers tp region 1; F2 refers to region2;......F8 refers to region 8. F1 and F2 are the default storage regions (the picture above shows the default value of keyboard and mouse in F1 region of Switch console). These regions can store the set value of different handle functions for players to select directly according to in dividual preference. Then how can players customize the setting for these regions? Here is an example.

Step1: Press F12 and F8 simultaneously, At the moment, the light is white, indicating that F8 is activated. The color of light for each region is different. (F1--no light, F2-blue; F3-red; F4-purple; F5 green; F6-light blue: F7-yellow; F8-white)

Step 2: Press F11 and F12 simultanously to enter the setting mode with blue light" indicating a successful operation 

Step 3: Hold the function key or push the 3D joystick of the gamepad(support only up,down, left and right). Meanwhile, press the key to be set on the keyboard and mouse (one key for one function).

Step 4: Release the key on the keyboard and then the key on the gamepad.

Step 5: Press F11 and F12 simultaneously to exit the setting mode. when the 'blue light"is off it indicates a successful setting and exit of the exit of the setting mode.

How to return to the default settings

[Return to storage region 1] Default setting: Press F12+F10+F1 simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds.
[Return to storage region 2] Default setting: Press F12+F10+F2 simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds.
[Return to storage region 1 and 2] Default setting: Press F12+F10+F9 simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds.


Do not enter upgrade mode (Press F12+F10+ESC simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds with “white light” indicating successful entering into upgrade mode) during the use of the product. Do not press F12+F10+ESC simultaneously, or it would be impossible to exit the upgrade mode and thus influence its use.