How To Do The Basics In Sea Of Thieves

- Dec 24, 2019-

The learning curve for Sea of Thieves is a bit sharp because it doesn't have such a tutorial. No need to start the game and rely on the charity of a stranger or browse the Sea of Thieves forums, we gather all the basic information in one place. This should prepare you for your first voyage. The rest is up to you, Marty! (And any other guide we write.)


Types of ships in the Sea of Thieves: Sloops and Galleons

Every time you start the Sea of Thieves, you will start a new game and you must choose the type of adventure you want to take. Sloop is smaller, it is the best choice when used alone or in pairs, and it can perform fast, low-risk plunder. Dhows have only one mast and sail, and only a few guns, but they are more mobile, do not require too many people, and they have smaller targets. Sloop has fewer threats than Galleon, and is unlikely to have large treasures to steal. The cannon requires at least three players to effectively escort them, because they have three masts, the player at the helm cannot easily see what is in front of them, and needs to deal with the three sails, but you can only take the boat alone in an emergency I feel very cool.

Galleons also places its map below the deck, so it's best to have other people knock over and check, and it's a third level below the waterline, so it's more difficult to maintain battle hull integrity on Galleons. However, they are larger, more tortuous, and faster, with four guns on each side, and more room for pirate booty. When you start playing games, you should choose Sloop if you want to play fast and dirty games, or Galleon if you want longer, more involved adventure games.

The basics of rogue sailing in the sea

Your ship starts at the anchor point and if you don't lift it, you will get nothing. Again, you will move very slowly, or not at all, without having to lift at least one sail. Once sailed, your boat will spin in the direction you are at the helm. You can angle the sail to suit the wind direction (this is called trimming), which will give you more speed, but it also means a wider turn. Sailing or slowing down will slow you down, but will take a shorter turn. Each sail on your boat has two ropes to raise or lower it and adjust the angle with two ropes, but you only need one to make changes-if only one person is working on the sail, it will take longer time.

You should sail your sail before anchoring anywhere, because if you move fast, your boat will slam into the anchor, and if you don't pay attention, it may swing to hit the land or nearby rocks. Navigation can be tricky if you play alone. You can check the bearing's direction by looking at the compass next to the helm-the center of the wheel is marked with a straight spoke with a gold tip, and the controller will buzz to let you know you are back at the center. Check the island you are going to check the map.

How to use maps and navigate in the Sea of Thieves

Each ship has a general map showing all the islands in the area. Sloop's map is located at the stern (rear drill) of the main cabin, but when you are at the helm, you can overlook the rear railings, so you don't have to go downstairs to check if your route is correct if you sail alone. Galleon's map is located below the main deck, at the foot of the stairs, which is why Galleon's navigation is more difficult.

However, just deciding to sail to the nearest strangely shaped continent is not a voyage. The voyage is basically a mission, and you can buy them from one of three trading companies: Gold: Accumulator, Soul Medal, or Merchant Alliance. First class sailing is free, but they will become more expensive as your ranking rises. The Golden Ho Accumulator sends you to find treasures on specific islands. The Soul Medal wants you to kill powerful undead bones and return their souls, while the Merchant Union wants you to transport animals such as pigs, chickens and snakes. You can find the merchants representing them at each post (the merchant is always on the dock, the gold ard accumulator has a blue tent in the town, the soul medal has a purple hanging shop and many colorful glowing bottles). Once you have purchased a mission from them, you can advise them on the boat's table on a voyage-for Sloop, the voyage table is on the opposite side of the map, but in regattas the voyage table is on the top deck Captain's cabin. Once all crew have voted on which voyage, you are off!

You will get the relevant treasure map or bounty in the map list, which maps to the right bumper on the Xbox controller. This information will tell you which islands you need to find, so you as a staff member can decide where to go first. Keep in mind that you may visit multiple islands per voyage,