How To Choose Your Own Oral Irrigator

- Nov 11, 2019-

Traditional string flossElectric water flosser
 ✔ProsCheap; scrapes plaque off teethQuick and easy to use; gentle on gums
✘ConsFiddly and time-consuming; may
damage sensitive gums
Expensive; uses electricity; may not
 be as effective

Oral irrigator features to consider

Once you decide to purchase a water jet flosser/oral irrigator, you still have to work out which brand and model will suit you best. This choice can be quite overwhelming, particularly if it is your first time purchasing one. Here are some of the main things you should consider:

  • Mains operated or rechargeable: You may be used to having a cordless electric toothbrush, but some flossers are connected to a base that holds the water reservoir. This one is larger, so not ideal for travelling. On the plus side, the larger reservoir means less frequent re-filling, while the flossers themselves tend to be more powerful than cordless electric toothbrush.

  • Budget: You can spend up to £100 on a top-of-the-range electric dental flosser from brands like Waterpik, but some lesser-known brands like Morpilot have basic models for around £25.

  • Settings: Some water flossers have just one or two power settings while others have up to 10. Few people will make use of all 10, but it's good to have options – especially if more than one person in your household will be using the device.

  • Tips: As well as the standard water jet tips, some models come with special tips for different purposes. These include tips for cleaning teeth implants, flossing around braces, and cleaning your tongue.

  • Electric toothbrush compatibility: If you’re short on bathroom shelf space or plug sockets, there are a couple of options. Firstly, you could buy a cordless water flosser that is compatible with the charging base you already have for your electric toothbrush. Secondly, you could purchase an all-in-one unit which incorporates both a toothbrush and flosser.

  • Plug type: Like electric toothbrushes, most flossers come with a 2-pin plug that fits standard bathroom sockets in the UK. However, some have a 3-pin plug which makes them less convenient for bathroom use, so this is something to check before you buy.