- Dec 30, 2019-

The release of the Xbox Series X caught many game worlds by surprise. After all, a major new console has not been shown before at The Game Awards. But how does the show keep such a big secret? How does Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox world, rehearse without wasting beans?

Now we have the answer.

According to an article in Variety, the Xbox Series X part of the "Game Awards" has remained quiet. Phil Spencer knows this. Geoff Keighley, the host and organizer of the show, probably knows it. But it didn't attract many others. In fact, when Spencer rehearsed his speech, he actually faked everyone by talking about the Xbox Game Pass. The trailer for the Xbox Series X didn't enter until after the show actually aired. Since then, Spencer has published his real work, touting the Xbox Series X as "a system that guides us into the future of gaming consoles."

There is no doubt that this success paid off, as many people were surprised by the discovery. Some of us think we can control what might be shown during the game's awards (for example, Tsushima's Ghost Trailer), but the new Xbox is not on our list. It can be said that the X series won that night, which is fair, because a long time after the final award was given, many people were talking about it. This may be the goal when Microsoft decides to launch its next-generation console at the show.

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We still don't know when the Xbox Series X will be released. The 2020 holiday is the window of view for The Game Awards, and it remains so today. But we know that at least one Series X will be named, and we know how it looks. It wasn't widely known until we heard it in our own ears, so be alert to everyone involved just in case.