HDMI Dock For Nintendo Switch

- May 24, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

As a professional and SA8000 certified leading gaming accessory factory,it tooks us very long time to make this idea works.We've done many test to let the HDMI function work,to make the charging speed fast.


2.Product Parameter (specification)

Switch Console Charging Interface Output (PD Protocol)

USB3.0 Interface Output





Package Type:color box

Product Sizes




3.Product Feature and Application

This product is a new mini dock designed for Switch game console and can replace the original dock.

* It can connect the Switch console with TV, video converter switch and so on. 

* It is novel, compact, easy to carry, simple, convenient, practical and neat. 

* It is a must for Switch gamers.


4.Product Details

 Charger Base with HDMI function

This product uses Nintendo Switch’s original adapter or standard Type_C adapter to supply power, it can play games while charging.

It can replace Nintendo Switch’s original base, so it is more convenient to use;

 Fast Charging Converter Base for Switch




You can play the game while the Switch console is charging.

Design the switch to convert the video between the TV and Nintendo Switch console.

The design is novel and the appearance is small, and thus it is easy to carry.

You can use 5V/2A Type-c adapter to supply power ( In this case, it can not charge the console while playing)

Portable Charging Dock for Switch


TV video converting: Use the HDMI cable to connect this dock with TV, then the power supply is connected to this product, and both will be connected. After about 10 seconds, the video will be automatically switched to the TV.