HDMI Charging Dock For Nintendo Switch

- Nov 20, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

We are the original designer and professional factory for manufacturing this HDMI dock for Nintendo Switch.Compared with most similar product in the market,the size is very small but the function is super strong.

2.Product Parameter (specification)

MaterialSingle Carton SizeQTY/CTN



3.Product Feature and Application

* This product is powered by Switch original adapter or standard Type_C power supply (15V PD protocol), which can be charged while playing.

* It can be used instead of the original base function of Switch, which is more convenient to use;

* You can charge the Switch host while playing the game;

* Designed with Switch host and TV video connection to switch screen switches at will;

* The design is novel and foldable, and the appearance is small and convenient to carry and place;

* Supports 5V/2A Type-c power supply (not supported when playing games);


4.Product Details

HDMI dock for Switch

Switch HDMI folding base is a folding base that can replace the original Switch HDMI base function; it is designed with Switch host and TV video connection, USB data interface, video screen switch and other functions. This product is foldable, small and easy to place. It is easy to use, convenient, practical and tidy. It is a must for Switch gamers.

Switch HDMI charging stand

Video switch switching: When the TV video is in normal use, press the video switch. After about 2-3 seconds, the video will switch back to the Switch host screen. When the Switch host screen is used normally, press the video switch for about 10 seconds. After the video is switched to TV

switch foldable stand

Simple package design.The USB3.0 data interface function is the same as the original base, and only supports the dedicated product equipment around the Switch.