Handle Cordless Water Flosser

- Sep 16, 2019-

As an experienced water flosser manufacturer,we highly value the users’ using experience and always provide our best service for our customer.

1.Product Introduction

Our products are suitable for: serious troubles in the mouth;

bleeding gums; wearing orthodontic appliances; dental

diseases such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis; dental

implants and dentures; oral cleaning needs to prevent

infection and other symptoms.


2.Product Parameter (specification)

Water tank:  


Single package size: 



Water pressure (PSI):


 Motor revolutions (RPM)

Noise standard:

Waterproof rating



218 * 82 * 73mm



Low range 30 - 50 psi

Mid-range 50 - 70 psi

High-grade 70 - 95 psi water



1400~1800 rpm

less than 72 decibels






3.Product Feature and Application

* ipx7 waterproof

* The product is small and portable

* 1.2 meters long USB charging cable

* 2000mAh lithium battery, strong battery life

* Four-speed working modes

* DIY mode adjustable the work intensity available

* 300ml large capacity water tank

* Four LED light power capacity indication


4.Product Details

 Handle  Water Flosser

Charging Unit Prior to First Use: Be sure to fully charge the device before using it for the fifirst time. Plug the USB cable into the charging socket, turn on the power, and do not use it while charging.

handle water flosser black

Filling the Water Tank : Open the water inlet of the water tank, fifill the water tank with water, close the water injection window, and then press fifirmly.(Hint: The water tank is detachable and can be disassembled for water

injection. Do not be started and used during operation.

high quality Oral Irrigator

Install/Replace the nozzle: Insert the nozzle into the middle of the head of the Oral Irrigator (at the top of the handle of the Oral Irrigator). To replace or remove the nozzle, press the nozzle lock button of the handle and then take

out the nozzle.

Oral Irrigator

Select the working mode: You can touch the mode button on the handle to select the appropriate cleaning mode when using for the fifirst use. You can also choose the cleaning mode according to the guidance of professional

dentists. (Normal mode: Normal cleaning mode; Soft mode: gentle massage of the gums; Pulse mode : pulse massage gums to promote blood circulation; DIY mode: cleaning intensity that user can adjust the size according to

personal preference, and set various cleaning strengths within the range. )