Graphic Processing Power Of PS5

- May 13, 2019-

Second up is graphics processing power with 22% of the votes. Any time there’s a new console, graphics are a major point of discussion. After all, power is the selling point of any next generation system. How much better will make games look and play on this system?


Microsoft’s upcoming console boasts 6 teraflops of graphical power, which is above even the PS4 Pro. An analyst named Damian Thong recently weighed in and said Sony would be releasing the PS5 with 10 teraflops of power!

That’s the equivalent of today’s top-shelf video cards on PC, so with another few years, that tech could reasonably find it’s way to consoles. With that kind of power, 4K wouldn’t be a problem. Graphics would look significantly better than they do now. Textures, lighting effects, antialiasing, 10 teraflops could do it all. Personally, we’re in between 8-10 teraflops, but regardless, it will leave Scorpio to pale in comparison.