Game Pack For PS4 SLIM PRO

- May 15, 2019-

As a professional video game accessory manufacturer,we believe this game pack for PlayStation 4 series console will standout in the market.Having considering various circumstance while playing game and several market research from our customer,we design and develpe it.



1. Product Introduction

Our super gaming kit for PS4/SLIM/PRO is one of the most favored product by our client,we include five designs in it,such as the charging stand,gaming headset,silicone thumbstick grip,gamecard storage box and so on.


2. Product Parameter ( Specification)


20 PCS


10 KGS





Packing includes

1.Controller dual charger & 80cm charging cable *1 piece

2.Silicone thumb grip caps *4pcs

3.Game card storage box *1

4.Universal gaming headset *1




3. Product Feature and Application

* Perfectly suitable for PS4 series console,such as PS4,PS4 SLIM,PS4 PRO

* Compact design with competitive price

* Fantastic design



4. Product Details

dual charger for ps4

High quality items are combined in a reasonable way,which help to provide very good gaming experience.


gaming headset for ps4

Stereo gaming headset provide surround listening feel,can help you easily know the enemy' s position.Plus the Microphone,you can talk with your friends freely while playing.


game card box storage

Game card box storage is also a good accessory to recommend,with the charging cable to provide power to your controller,no need to worry about the power.