Fresher Breath Holds You To Me

- Nov 25, 2019-

"Nice Breath, pulls you and me closer!"

Although the role of fresh breath is not as exaggerated as advertising, it will at least not be a hindrance to interpersonal communication.


If you don't pay attention to whether you have a bad breath problem, it is very embarrassing.  Can you consider the feelings of your lover when you are dating? If your lover can't stand it, then it will be discounted in minutes!


White-collar worker always sit in office for a long time, then they may have constipation troubles, people sometimes eating outside may also eat food such as onion and garlic, after eating, they may choose to eat chewing gum to maintain a fresh breath.

I don't recommend using this method. This is a way to cure the symptoms not the problems. Some studies have shown that chewing gum can maintain an effective fresh breath for up to 3 hours, then it will return to its original oral conditon, and chewing gum will make the masticatory muscles become bigger. Why bother?


The cause of the bad breath is mainly due to the physical residue and microbes in the mouth. In fact, we only need to deal with these two factors.

What is very convenient to carry and have practical results?  I recommended the water flosser, simple to use and with beautiful appearance, especially for lazy people.