Football Manager 2020 Touch Screen Version Will Be On NS On December 10th

- Dec 06, 2019-

Football Maneger has officially announced that the touchscreen version of "Football Manager 2020" will be available on the NS platform on December 10. The official price of the touchscreen version on NS is currently not announced. The PC version of the game landed on the Steam platform on November 19 this year. The national price is 229 yuan, and the Steam rating is 86%. The touch screen version is a portable version of the original game.


In "Football Manager 2020 Touch", players will be able to quickly complete an entire season, skipping the pre-match and media links, and only focusing on the core elements of the game, namely team building, tactics, and game day command. Even on match days, you can use our "Instant Results" feature to quickly advance, thereby accelerating your climb in the standings, and use the main time for adjustments and experiments in the schedule.