Fitting Ring For Nintendo Switch

- Nov 25, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

This fitting ring for Nintendo Switch is specially designed for the new game "Ring Fit Advanture",it not only contains the fit ring inside,but also includes the lag strap.


2.Product Parameter (specification)



Product size: 


Package Size








3.Product Feature and Application

* A must buy product for "Ring Fit Advanture"

* Virtual opponents are defeated with actual fitness exercises

* New accessories detect the movements of the players and transfer them into play

* The intensity of the exercises can be determined individually

* for every age and fitness level: for children as well as for adults

4.Product Details

fitness ring for nintendo

What is this game?

The game comes with a pair of accessories: a ring and a leg strap, where you each slot a controller into.

The two controllers work together to get a picture of your entire body movement, meaning it can make sure you're doing each exercise properly.

The virtual game focuses on play rather than fitness goals as you go through different difficulty levels.

You start by jogging on the spot to advance your character and end up performing various exercises to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies.

Your end goal is to defeat the 'evil body-building dragon'who has disrupted the peaceful land of the player.

Nintendo Switch fitting ring

What else does this game do?

You have the option to do challenges and mini games, where you can compare scores with friends who join in.There is a custom mode where you can personalise your workout routines to mix mini games with exercise.A multitask mode is also an option as you can use the ring controller to go on your own off-screen adventure.You can save the reps you do off-screen and sync them with your game afterwards.

Fitness ring

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