Fitness Ring Adventure, Let's Exercise Together.

- Nov 04, 2019-

"Fitness ring adventure" According to Nintendo's official statement, the average one-day exercise is 30 minutes. Basically, you have to play for 90 days, and it takes about 3 months to clear the customs. (The conversion is about 45 hours of accumulated game time.) Although many people They are all ridiculous, but there are players who have challenged Speedcom successfully...


Japanese player miele not only likes to play games, but also a fitness enthusiast. After the first purchase of "Fitness Ring Adventure", the liver was played for 12 days, and the total time spent 30 hours and 15 minutes cleared. The total consumption was 4,278 calories, and the running distance was 89.56km (the exercise intensity was 22).

On October 29th, he played for 4 hours a day in order to clear the customs! Then actually played aerobic boxing on the same day!

Now, this big brother is now happily starting the two-week challenge of the game...