Fitness Ring Adventure, A Sports Game Product

- Dec 02, 2019-

For the game Fat House, which game can both move and have the fun of the game has become the focus of the major game manufacturers planning. The new game Nintendo ’s fitness ring adventure is such an existing game It is fun and makes the exercise not too boring. Many players play the game for 15 minutes and start sweating on the forehead, which proves that this game really has a fitness effect.


  This game is Nintendo's next game after Labo. In addition to a normal game cassette, the set also comes with a sports ring and an elastic strap. The installation process is relatively simple, as long as the Switch handle is adapted to the new device, you can enter the game. This game is mainly based on jungle adventures. There are three game modes: "Adventure", "Easy", and "Custom". With the cooperation of the equipment "Spirit Ring", the "Big Boss" and his subordinates were defeated with "all kinds of sports actions" as weapons. In addition to selling games, the game's profit point also requires players to purchase new sports rings and elastic bands. It can be said that they also sell games and peripheral supplies, and serve two purposes.