E-cigarettes Can Also Take Medicine To Treat

- Feb 18, 2019-

E-cigarettes can be said to be extremely functional, small nebulizer can accommodate a variety of flavors of smoke, but falling into the hands of the wrongdoers is different. Recently, Weibo  "customs release " and burst from the United States into the mail seized  "Cannabis e-cigarette " 12, and there are suspected ecstasy pills were found together. In response to this, the customs release even attached the title to the matter: be careful! E-cigarettes are toxic. But is e-cigarettes really the only one-sided negative effects?

 "E-cigarettes "? Abroad, some people are trying to put e-cigarettes on the right track. With vape to absorb vitamin B12, have you ever thought about it? They use their actions to tell everyone that e-cigarettes can not only be used to replace cigarettes or some bad good hobbies, he can also be used for proper nutritional supplements,

Even for drug use. Although medicine is not enough now to determine how much suction drugs suck appropriate, how to suck appropriate, but this is really a new medical road.  "Inhalation administration " is known as the third mode of administration, because oral, injection of the two ways of drug inconvenience and a small number of drugs side effects (such as to hurt the stomach), so the concept of inhalation administration has been brought to people's vision. The most common inhalation administration in our lives is the atomization treatment of respiratory diseases in children,

By atomized the drug into tiny droplets of water, let it enter the lungs and then treat it.

This process sounds familiar, isn't it? It's a lot like pumping vape! It's just atomized treatment using an ultrasound nebulizer, and our vape is heated and atomized.

After all, oral administration is to pass through the human gut absorption, such as vitamin B12, in the human stomach is not effectively absorbed, but will be gastric acid  "waste " part, until into the gut will be absorbed, absorption speed is still relatively slow.

This set of procedures down, a pill wasted more than half, the efficiency is still very low.

The suction happen speed of inhaled administration is very close to the speed of intravenous injection, the drug utilization is high, through the atomization equipment to give the drug is convenient and do not have to be hurt by a needle. So crooked people began to whimsy! Can we use vape to take medicine? This is not a ready-made drug delivery equipment!

As a result, a bunch of people began to try to use vape to inhale vitamin B12, but unfortunately this behavior was stopped, not because of the feasibility of denying this method, but through the vape inhalation drugs can not control the dosage of drugs, is the drug three-point poison, if the inhalation of excessive but counterproductive. However, similar vape usage we have long been in practice, the current market can see  "energy rod " products, that is, but the addition of some simple functional drugs, you can understand that they are smoking Wang Ji, Red Bull! I believe that since someone began to practice, it will arouse the attention of the medical profession,

And then become a feasible and simple way to give drugs! Maybe one day we'll find out. Vape Suction has become a kind of  "Pop ".

Vape is a magical thing, if it is properly applied, it will play an unimaginable miracle! Drug use, marijuana smoking is indeed a stain on the vape body, but everything has two sides, do not because someone mistakenly use it to characterize it. Can a gun hurt someone and a cop can't save a man with a gun?