E-cigarettes Are Less Harmful Than Traditional Cigarettes

- Feb 17, 2019-

Is e-cigarettes less harmful than regular cigarettes? The answer to this question is still a question number in many people's minds. However, former smoker Dominic Rodriguez is adamant that this is true and shows how e-cigarettes have improved his health with personal experience. "My motivation is to crack down on misinformation because when I hear that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco, I think it's a misunderstanding of e-cigarettes," Rodriguez noted.  "The passionate climber made it to Mont Blanc, Europe's tallest mountain, in July this year, and recorded it,

This suggests that a shift to e-cigarettes can change the lives of smokers.

Like most vapers, Rodriguez used to be a heavy smoker.  "I smoke about 30 cigarettes a day, and I smoke two packs at the most. At the same time, I didn't do too much exercise and didn't try to quit smoking, and I was very frustrated. " Rodriguez said.

After 20 years of smoking, Rodriguez found e-cigarettes, switched to e-cigarettes, Rodriguez found that his health has been greatly improved, especially the respiratory system, Rodriguez immediately regained his mountaineering hobby.

So far, Rodriguez has been quitting smoking for seven years, presumably three years ago, when Rodriguez began a more intensive hike and set higher goals.

From heavy smokers to successful climbers

Rodriguez is very fond of mountaineering, especially some of the most famous mountains. In order to climb Mont Blanc, he set himself the goal of reducing weight by 15 kilograms and quitting smoking.

Rodriguez, who was still overweight in August 2017, first tried to climb the summit of Aneto, the highest peak of the Pyrenees, 3400 meters above sea level. Rodriguez, who lost 15 kilograms of weight between September 2017 and November, began preparing for climbing Mont Blanc. Top of the Aneto, June 17, 2018, the highest peak of the Pyrenees (3400 m) Next up is Mount Everest, which is 5400 metres high and taller than Mont Blanc. In order to reach it, it takes 12 days of walking in a hypoxic environment.  "I was exhausted, suffering from a plateau reaction,

With constant headaches. But I want to come to an end, which is an extraordinary pride.  "Rodriguez said.

Disseminating positive information about e-cigarettes

Domenek Rodriguez then decided to use his passion for mountaineering to spread positive messages about e-cigarettes.  "I often hear that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking. It was then that I decided to start recording my hike to prove that e-cigarettes were not as dangerous as regular cigarettes. " He points out that seven years ago, he was breathless when he climbed the stairs, but when he switched to e-cigarettes, even if he smoked e-cigarettes a day,

His ability to breathe is the same as that of other non-smokers he meets on the way to climbing. Now, whenever Rodriguez reaches a new peak, he takes a picture of a slogan with  "E-cigarettes save lives ." His ultimate goal is to send a message that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Rodriguez believes that if e-cigarettes are really as dangerous as traditional cigarettes, as e-cigarette opponents describe them,

Then it is simply impossible for him to achieve a shift from a heavy smoker to a successful climber.