E-cigarette-a Product To Reduce Damage To Smoke

- Feb 28, 2019-

With the continued tightening of tobacco control and anti-smoking policies around the world, there is less room for smokers to smoke, so some smokers have to turn to cigarette products.

Smoke and harm reduction products are among the most popular category, after all, can retain the feeling of smoking without being harmed by smoking. Cigarette damage products, at least in the buffer phase, are what every smoker wants to try and have. As a result, the landing of tobacco control and anti-smoking policies has pushed cigarette and damage products to the vents. Lei June said: In the vent pig can fly.

So in the air vent period, a variety of smoke reduction products such as mushrooming into the eyes of smokers, but in fact, not every product is worth the experience of smokers, so the fish in situation for smokers to choose the right product has brought obstacles. For a cigarette to reduce the harm of the product, the most basic is "smoke" and "harm reduction." First of all, from the point of view of "harm reduction", the current new tobacco products can do more than 90% reduction in the harm of real smoke, so harm reduction is the premise of the existence of new tobacco products, do not do much discussion here. In addition to the "Harm reduction", so that the product is different from the "Smoke" sex. And the closer the taste is to the real smoke taste, the higher the product's substitution to cigarettes. Cigarette and oil e-cigarettes and heating do not burn e-cigarettes compared to the working principle is not the same, the taste is very different. For cigarette and oil e-cigarettes, inhalation of the mouth is a taste of atomized steam, and heating does not burn e-cigarettes to provide smoke similar to the ignition of cigarettes, so heating does not burn the taste of e-cigarettes is significantly closer to the real smoke, so heating does not burn e-cigarettes on the traditional cigarette has a higher substitution. Therefore, for real smokers, heating does not burn e-cigarettes is easier to adapt and accept.