Dual Charger For Xbox One

- May 16, 2019-

1. Product Introduction

Having done many market research and playing by our own engineer,we know understand that the xbox series controller need big capacity to support it and dual charger is a perfect and very necessary accessory for it.


2. Product Parameter ( Specification )


30 PCS



Battery Capacity



ABS material 

Packing included

1* dual charger 

2* battery packs



3. Product Feature and Application

* Multiple compatibility,perfectly suitable for XBOX ONE /S /X console

* Huge battery capacity which is 2000mAh,support customize

* Eye-catching LED charging indicating logo can easily show the charging status of both controllers


4. Product Details

Dual Charger Dock with Large Battery for XBOX ONE S X

It is showed very clearly in this picture,there are two controller indicating lights on the screem,the up one is for the later controller.


Dual Charger Pack for XBOX ONE S X

When the controllers are full or there is no controller on the dual charging stand,then the LED charging light will show green,or if you do not like this color,we can change it to any color you like,just let us know.


Dual Charging Dock with Large Battery for XBOX ONE S X

We can never forget the big work of the battery pack.We support you put the battery inside the controller then put the controller on the dock.The controller itself can be easily charged with our high quality battery pack.We always welcome customer to share their good ideas with us,such as what should we change the capacity of the battery in case of power waste or how the dock should be look like to attrack more customer.