Dance Full 2018Switch Edition

- Oct 15, 2019-

Ubisoft announced that the Switch version of "Dance Full 2018" will create some exclusive content for the Nintendo platform. Players will be able to use Mario-style game maps as well as some special dance moves. It is simply the rhythm of "Mario Dancing."


"Dance Full 2018" has a new and diverse music library, including more than 40 new songs, registered "Dance Full Open" members - this dance-based online service - more than 300 additional songs.

"Dance Full 2018" can be played on the Nintendo Switch, and the maneuverability reaches a new high. Players can choose to use the Joy-Con controller or the "Dance Full Controller" app (making your smartphone into a controller) There are two ways to play the game, and up to six players can play at the same time.

For the first time, "Dance Full 2018" adopts HD vibration technology to develop a fun double vibration choreograph based on vibration technology, which makes the immersive experience of "Dance Full" more further.