Console And Controller Design Of PS5

- May 17, 2019-

Console Design

You know, console design isn’t a make-or-break scenario, but it does help to have a sexy looking system in your entertainment center. You agreed, with 4% of the votes going to the design of the PS5. The PS4’s design was pretty sleek and, while the PS4 Pro has been compared to a Big Mac in it’s triple layered design, I still dig that model as well.

PS5 console

Honestly, I would mind a glossy finish on the PS5. Bring back some of the style that the PS3 had, which of course was also compared to a George Foreman grill when it first released. People will always have their laugh, but I think a striking design with a glossy finish would be sweet for PS5.

Of course, you could also check out the excellent PS5 concepts from Danny Haymond Jr. that we have and see what you think.

Controller Design

The design of the controller would be more important for me, but you decided to place it beneath console design with 4% of the votes. No problem, but this is an important feature. The DualShock 4 is perhaps the pinnacle of controller design, but we all like new things.

PS5 controller

I think Sony will try to one-up themselves again with the PS5’s controller. They’ll keep the basic layout the same (or risk riots), and add something new. This time around, we got the touch pad, and the lightbar. What’s next? Time will tell.