Christmas Festival: How To Set Up A Nintendo Switch Online Family Group

- Dec 24, 2019-


Nintendo Switch Online has two different membership options: Individual and Family. Individual is ideal for households that only contain a single Nintendo Switch, but those that have two or more will save money by opting for a Family.

A Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership costs $19.99 / £17.99 annually, though there are options to pay monthly or quarterly instead. The Family Membership, meanwhile, costs $34.99 / £31.49, which saves you about $5 / £3.50 on two Individual Memberships.

When you consider that up to eight Nintendo Accounts can be linked up to a Family Membership, there's huge saving potential. In fact, if eight users sign up to just one Family Membership, you'll each be paying less than $5 / £5 annually. That's terrific.

Setting up a Family Membership isn't immediately clear though, and it doesn't help that Nintendo has been pretty coy about sharing details about Nintendo Switch Online up to this point. Not to worry though, for we're going to explain exactly how it works in this guide.

Nintendo Switch Online - How to set up a Family Group

Step One - Set Up Your Nintendo Accounts

To invite someone to your family group, they need to have a Nintendo Account, so start there. To set up a Nintendo Account on your Nintendo Switch, perform the following steps:

  1. Head to the eShop by selecting the orange icon that looks like a shopping bag.

  2. Select the Switch user that you want to be the primary Nintendo Account holder.

  3. Hit 'Create Account'

  4. Fill in your email address.

  5. Open the email on a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

  6. Choose to add an account for yourself, or on behalf of a child.

  7. Fill in the form and hit submit.

  8. Head back to your Switch and fill in the confirm code provided.

  9. Hit continue and choose how you'd like to handle your password.

  10. You're done!

Step Two - Invite Members To Your Family Group

You don't have to set up a family group, as the option is there for any Nintendo Account holder. Here's how to invite members to a family group in steps:

  1. Login to your Nintendo Account on a PC, Mac, or mobile device and navigate to 'Family Group'.

  2. Click 'Add Member'

  3. Click 'Invite someone to your family group'.

  4. Fill in the email address attached to the Nintendo Account that you want to add to your family group.

  5. Have the Nintendo Account holder accept the invite by heading over to their emails, clicking 'Join Family Group', and hitting 'Ok'.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a family group. Now you can choose the family membership when setting up Nintendo Switch Online.