Burn Your Calories

- Nov 23, 2019-

Fitness is not an easy task.

If you have done an expensive fitness card and insisted on going to the gym, and you are sweating every day, you should understand that this sentence is true. In the short term, I can't see any effect, so that the fitness has become far away. Many people have become slack in this long-term, and eventually they are halfway, let the fitness card eat gray.


For most people, the long-term process of fitness is not fun. The purpose of "Fitness Ring Adventure" is to let most people feel the joy of fitness. This is simple, but it has long been a headache for fitness trainers. Can it be solved with games?

can. "Fitness Ring Adventure" brings a unique "adventure mode", which allows you to experience the fun of fitness like a monster pass. The story of the game is very simple, that is, to pass through the heavy danger and finally defeat the escaped big devil. story. The gameplay is a learning experience. By running in the same place, the "you" in the game will run forward, through the hands, squeezing, stretching, waving, lifting up various actions such as Ring-Con, in the game. "You" can hit the target and defeat all kinds of monsters.


In the world of Fitness Ring Adventure, the ring in your hand is like a fan that can both blow and inhale. When you stretch and bend the ring, these skills naturally come out. The fitness has already begun. But you don't feel that this process is someone who is forcing yourself, and you don't feel that time passes quickly. When you return to God to clear the customs, you have done a lot of exercise and burned the most authentic calories.