Best Selling PS4 Dual Charger

- Aug 13, 2019-

TP4-19005 dual charging base is designed according to the need of charging of PS4 controller, and can be used to charge two PS4 controllers at the same time. During charging, the charging state of two PS4 controllers can be known from the emitting color of two PS4 controller LOGOs on the left and right of the front display panel of the dual-charging base, which is very direct. Meanwhile, a two-color lighting ring is added on the front and rear ends respectively, and it will show red light during charging and show blue light after the controller has been fully charged, which highlights the three-dimensional effect of the charging state indication. The input port in the rear of the dual-charging base is MICRO 5PIN standard port, which uses DC 5V input voltage, and can obtain power supply from PS4 console USB interface, computer USB interface or other 5V USB power charger, not needing special power supply. This product is equipped with over-voltage protection and over-current protection and can effectively ensure safe charging of PS4 controller and desktop charger. 

4. Instructions for Use:

 First use the USB-to-MICRO cable to connect the PS4 console and the base, and after they are electrified, two PS controller LOGOs in the front of the dual-charging base will turn green, and the front and rear lighting rings will give out blue light.

 Insert the MICRO adapter into the MICRO port of PS4 controller, then put the controllers on two clamping positions of dual-charging base in the upside down manner (the right side of the controller faces the front), ensuring that two contacts on the MICRO adapter are aligned with the two contact probes on the desktop charger, then the controllers can be charged. During charging, two PS controller LOGOs in the front of the dual-charging base and the front and rear lighting rings will display different colors.

After PS4 controller has been fully charged, the two PS4 controller LOGOs in the front of the dual-charging base will turn green from red and be on, which indicates that PS4 controller has been fully charged (the left controller LOGO corresponds to the charging indication of front controller, while the right controller LOGO corresponds to the charging indication of rear controller), and the front and rear lighting rings will turn blue from red.