Best Platformer Of 2019

- Dec 30, 2019-

From the likes of Pitfall! to Super Mario, and the eventual introduction of Sonic and Rayman, platformers were synonymous with videogames from the earliest days of gaming for game players. While we eventually broadened our horizons beyond platformers (and Madden), they remain an integral element in our personal gaming experiences, along with gaming as a whole. A number of this year's shortlisted titles pay homage to the genre's humble beginnings, not least in Super Mario Maker 2, but also show how the genre as a whole has continued to evolve and expand over time with franchises like Trials.

Below is The Shortlist:

Yoshi’s Crafted World 

Shovel Knight: King of Cards 

Super Mario Maker 2 

Trials Rising

Here comes the winner:

Super Mario Maker 2

I think most would agree that Mario is the long reigning king of platformers. Take key components from some of his best 2D outings to create a palette from which game player can build a near infinite amount of custom stages. Add in an entertaining and helpful tutorial/story mode, the ability to download the creations of others, as well as regular updates and add-ons from Nintendo, and you get an incredibly comprehensive platforming experience, and our Best Platformer of 2019.