Bao Ke Meng: Jian Dun Media Rating

- Nov 14, 2019-

GameSpot "Bao Ke Meng: Sword / Shield" Media Rating: 9 points.

Editing commentary excerpts: Each new "Bao Ke Meng" game will bring a new set of wizards, mechanisms, and areas. The vibrant Garel region has a constant exploration, collection, battle, and reward, a fascinating adventure from start to finish. But most notably, Sword/Shield reduces the tedious elements of the previous game, which is a great part of the series. This is the most balanced work ever, and "Bao Ke Meng: Sword / Shield" has also become the best new generation of "Bao Ke Meng" game for many years.


- From the very beginning, you can freely explore the vibrant Galer area, and every discovery is pleasing.

- The new Pokemon is great overall and has an excellent balance between a cute, cool look and an elf ready to fight.

- "Greater" is a refreshing alternative to Mega Evolution and Z moves, allowing for spectacular battles.

The -Raid system continues to deliver revenue and offers great challenges as players move forward.

- Reduced the threshold for participating in the battle by adjusting the cumbersome steps.


- The evolutionary form of the initial sprite is one of the weakest designs.