After Switching To Nintendo, What Switch Chinese Games Can We Play?

- Sep 06, 2019-

At the Nintendo face-to-face meeting, the official once again disclosed a number of third-party works that will be transplanted to the Switch, including "Watching Pioneer", "Assassin's Creed: Rebel Collection", "God of the World: Original Sin 2", "The Return of Oberain" "and many more. Of course, there is no shortage of Nintendo's first-party Switch exclusive new work, such as the final version of the "Extreme Excalibur Ultimate Edition", but the most amazing thing is that after the face-to-face meeting, Nintendo Hong Kong will soon be hot. The four new switches, including the "Extreme Excalibur Ultimate Edition", will be launched in official Chinese! 


The only thing I can say at this moment is that Nintendo is the master of the world!