6 IN 1 Protective Pack For Nintendo Switch

- Dec 10, 2019-

1. Product Introduction

Designed for Nintendo Switch consoles. The bag is made of high-quality PC material and is durable.

Comprehensive protection to protect Nintendo switches from drops, impacts, scratches, scratches, dust and debris without adding bulk.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


 30 PCS

package size:


3.Product Feature and Application

Set includes: TNS-18109 storage bag * 1pcs;

           TNS-1875 mainframe protective cover * 1pcs;

           TNS-1824 console tempered film, alcohol bag, machine cloth * 1set

           TNS-1877 console bracket * 1pcs

           NTS-1803 console button silicone cap * 4pcs

           Capacitive Pen * 1pcs

4.  Product Details


*Rugged: Protect your beloved Nintendo Switch console from drops and scratches with this durable hardshell Nintendo switch case, the perfect portable case.


*Soft interior: Scratch-resistant lining and soft flip-in insert provide extra screen protection for your new switch console, and soft interior materials keep your console and accessories from scratch


*Large capacity: Large mesh pockets provide additional storage space for cables and other accessories.


*Portable: Can be equipped with your necessary accessories, easy to carry. There is a carrying handle for carrying to school, office or travel and career.


*What you get are: mainframe protective cover * 1pcs; mainframe tempered film, alcohol bag, machine cloth * 1set; mainframe bracket * 1pcs; mainframe keypad silicone cap * 4pcs; capacitive pen * 1pcs,OEM welcome.