Bluetooth Game Controller For Mobile Phone

The game controller is designed for mobile phones of both Android and IOS system

Product Details


Two-in-one Bluetooth gamepad in Apple + Android mode, is a video game console that can be connected to Apple phones and Android phones via Bluetooth. It can support iOS, Android game platform with Bluetooth version 4.0 or above. There is no need to load any driver, it can work only when the Bluetooth of the gamepad successfully matched with the device Bluetooth. It supports a variety of game application platforms (Android: Grape Game Hall, Tencent Game Folder, Octopus, Chicken Simulator, etc.; IOS: New Game Hall, Squares Hall, Apple MFI format game, etc.). It is equipped with volume up and down keys, functions of double force feedback motor vibration; built-in high-energy lithium battery, which can be used for cycle charging; The appearance of the product is beautiful and the feeling while holding is excellent. It is a must for gamers.

2, Features:

1, Compatible with IOS and Android system, connect through  bluetooth, no need to download any APP 

2, Supports Micro USB data cable to charge your controller

3, Designed with Turbo, AUTO setting function, force feedback motor vibration function.   

4, L2 and R2 button have analog quantity function.   

5, Press HOME key button in 2 seconds to open,  5 seconds to turn off.  

6, Built in lithium battery 400mAH 3.7V.     

7, Connection device display name: TI-1881.   

3, Picture:

game controller

4. Company Information

We are manufaturer of game accessories with 20 years' experience, there are nearly 300 kinds of products and 500 staffs in my company, our factory locates in Longhua, shenzhen, Our MOQ for OEM is 1000 pieces, Our products quality and  sell service is widely recognized.

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