Bluetooth Gamepad for android

We are professional manufacturer of this Bluetooth Gamepad for Android.It is a controller that can be connected and used in multi-platform such as Switch,Android phone and PC through Bluetooth and also can be connected by the data cable.It's cost effective and can provide you great gaming experience.

Product Details

1.Product Introduction

As the ISO and BSCI certified supplier of Bluetooth Gamepad for Android,we designed this controller to have the function keys for setting continuous shooting Turbo function keys,camera button,six axis,and the vibration function,etc.

2.Product Parameter (specification)


Battery Capacity

Charging Input Voltage




3.Product Feature and Application

* Support wireless connection with Nintendo Switch console and Android mobile phone platform by Bluetooth

* Use data cable to connect with Nintendo Switch,Android mobile phone and PC

* Built-in high-energy and rechargeable polymer lithium battery of 400mAh 3.7V

* Type-c interface,can be charged by using Switch original adapter or standard PD protocol adapter

* Beautiful appearance design and excellent hand feeling

* Four LED indicating light

4.Product Details

Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Android

It's very simple to connect our Bluetooth gaming controller to Android phone.Press A and home button at the same time for about two seconds to enter Bluetooth search mode,when pairing:LED1 indicator flashes quickly,and the corresponding indicating light keep on when it is paired successfully.

Wireless Joypad for Android

Our wireless joypad for Android also supports Turbo function,keep pressing any key of A,B,X,T,L1,L2,R1 and R2,and then press the Turbo key to enter the Turbo(continuous and quickly beat) mode.Our joypad also has the auto sleep function to save energy.When Android controller is not paired and power off,this product will turn off automatically into sleep mode.

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