Xbox One Multi-function Cooling and Charging Station

- Apr 08, 2019-

1. Introduction of the Product

The TYX-1840 multi-function cooling stand is an electronic product that can be used to reduce the working temperature of the XBOX ONE Console and to charge the controllers as well as a compatible XBOX ONE Console Stand. 

This product can effectively reduce the temperature of the XBOX ONE Console, improve the performance of the Console, and reduce the power loss. The micro touch power switch of this product is a single key self reset button switch. 

It opens the fan to the XBOX ONE main engine by a press and then closes the fan by press again. It can effectively accelerate the air circulation of the Console system. It can effectively prevent the high temperature of the main engine, lower the power consumption and prolong the life of the main engine. 

On the left of the base, there are two controller charging seats. It can charge controllers of XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE S, XBOX ONE X, and effectively guarantee the using time of the controller battery; 

On the right side of the base is 12 game discs for users to place their game cards.

Xbox One Instruction


2.Description of product use 

 1.Put the fan base into a well ventilated platform, and then put the X-BOX mainframe vertically on the fan base, (notice that the USB output interface of the XBOX ONE Console is on the same side with the fan base with a Micro-USB interface).          

    2.The fan power is controlled by a single key micro motion self reset button switch. Click the fan to turn on the fan, and then click the fan to turn off the fan.

 3.On the left there are 12 disc slots. Users can place 12 game cards that they like to play.

TYX-1840 Charging State

   4.The controller is placed on the left and right two cards to charge the controller, and the charging state of the controller can be directly known through the left and right display mirror color of the front end. The red light below the mirror indicates that the corresponding controller is charged, the green light is full of electricity, and the display mirror above the mirror is the LOGO indicator with the backlight function (electrified). That is, the white light is emitted.

TYX-1840 Charging and Cooling