Wireless Keyboard for N-Switch

- Apr 09, 2019-

                                              Product Operation Manual

. Introduction to the scope of application and functions of the product:

1. TNS-1702 2.4G wireless keyboard is designed according to the switch Joy-Con developed by Nintendo currently, which is perfectly compatible with switch console system. It can input letters and commonly used punctuation conveniently and quickly on switch host.

2.TNS-1702 switch 2.4G wireless keyboard suite enables players to input letters and commonly used symbols, chat, surf on the Internet, search for favorite games or others easily and quickly.

3. The keyboard can be charged directly by using the original switch charger, and the Joy-Con can also be charged.

Keyboard Charging State

. Description of use:

1. Remove the right Joy-Con and the 2.4G receiver header, and then insert the switch host

2. Turn 2.4G wireless keyboard switch on

3. Long press code key 2S and green LED indicator lamp flicker, which indicates keyboard is searching code; after pairing successfully, green LED indicator extinguishes. If the green light is off within 3 minutes without a mainframe connection, the keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode.

4. After the match is successful, the code light goes out and you can now type with the keyboard

5. Click the "#+=" button and switch to symbol input mode

6. Click the "ABC" button and switch to alphabetic input mode

7. Press the keypad to lock the keystroke "HOME", that is, switch the uppercase letter input; at the same time, the case indicator lights, and then click to switch back to lowercase letter input, and the indicator lights out.

8. The keyboard can be charged directly with the original switch charger. When charging, the red indicator is on; when it is full of charge, the red indicator is extinguished. At the same time, the switch Joy-Con can be charged. While charging, the corresponding red light lights up; after it is full of charge, the red light goes out and the green light turns on.

Keyboard Using State

. Technical parameters

1. Scope of application: Suitable for Switch Console

2. Wireless protocols: 2.4G

3. Wireless distance: The effective distance is 8-10 meters away

4. Charging voltage: 4.8-5.5V

5. Charging current: ≤200mA

6. Batteries: Polymer lithium electric 500mAh 1.85W(RHOS certification) The battery is full of charge after about 3 hours of charging

7. Product material: ABS

8. Accessories: 2.4G receiver header USB to type interface

Keyboard with Package

. Matters for attention

1. In order for users to use this product correctly and to ensure its good performance, please read carefully and abide by these tips:

2. Do not seriously impact this keyboard product. 

3. Do not allow this product to contact benzene, diluents or other chemicals.

4. Please do not approach the strong magnetic field or electric field. 

5. Avoid direct light or heating apparatus.

6. Do not disassemble, repair or reconstruct it by yourself.

7. Please classify properly waste packaging, batteries and used electronic products .