The historical evolution of the game handle

- Feb 03, 2019-

Time flies, 7 years after the first handle came out, with a more versatile and popular handle came out-the prototype of the Nintendo red and white machine handle NES original handle, this handle may some players will have some strange, and lift the handle of the red and white machine I believe we will not feel strange,

And it is believed that the handle allows most players to contact the handle for the first time, and it is this handle so that many domestic manufacturers will look at the handle market. After 1984 years, the function of the handle began to improve, in 1999 the game handle added force feedback and vibration and other effects, and in order to match the use of the computer, the handle also began to be equipped with a USB interface, the handle has been able to bring players very close to the real game feeling, most of the handle design, the left is the arrow key, On the right is the action key. In the third generation of video games released by FC consoles, handles replace rockers, paddle, and keypad as the default game manipulators included in the system.

A handle design with a 8-direction directional-pad (D-pad) and 2 or more action keys became the standard at the time.