The experience of electronic smoke change

- Feb 16, 2019-

E-cigarette industry has appeared four generations of products, of which the second generation of e-cigarettes added edible flavor to improve the aroma of tobacco oil, in its classic design "pen e-cigarette", smoke bombs and Nebulizer were merged to objectively improve the degree of atomization of smoke liquid.

And the first generation of products because of the material contained in the product is easy to crack after clogging the nebulizer, so slowly by the market eliminated. In the third generation of products, the design of "mechanical rod" has spawned a batch of "high-end players" in the field of e-cigarettes.

This stage of the product features "rapid outbreak", "large amount of smoke", "strong playability", so that e-cigarettes have become some young people's "plaything." In the fourth generation of products are reference to the circuit board and Chip, can set their own power, mode and other configurations, and known as steam Enthusiasts "Vaper" group is spontaneously developed a variety of steam e-cigarette play, to e-cigarettes added a lot of entertainment elements.