The birth history of Xbox

- Feb 13, 2019-

There are many accidental and inevitable reasons for Microsoft's big push into TV games. As personal PC market is becoming saturated, with the WINDOWS operating system and OFFICE series of OFFICE software accumulated the staggering wealth, Bill Gates started to consider exploring new profit growth point, investment TV game industry for many years with him completely consistent idea of STB strategy, Microsoft hopes to their products by job necessities further sublimation for the necessities of life.

Microsoft is not intended to launch host alone, had tried to support sega into TV game industry, but SEGASTAURN and DREAMCAST two generations of the fate of the host were both folding halberd heavy sand turn expect SONY to develop the next generation Microsoft PS with Windows operating system, but with the same ambition for many good wood jian has no intention of WeiRenZuoJia clothes, instead decided to adopt has long been Microsoft for a menace LINUX system. A series of tit-for-tat moves by SONY angered Bill Gates so much that he decided to enter the fray by developing his own game console, which he had repeatedly called the top brass to discuss.

Whenever wechat tries to wedge itself into an unfamiliar market, the most direct way is to buy powerful enterprises in this field, such as sega, EA, SQUARE... Microsoft made a serious selection of acquisition targets, and in the end, paradise became the ideal target. At the beginning of 1999, nintendo was at the peak of its new business, with nearly $6 billion in free cash flow. It was the only hardware company in the TV game industry that could compete with SONY.