Technical features of electro-competitive headphones

- Feb 09, 2019-

The electro-competitive headset will receive the audio signal after simulating into a central channel, left and right surround channels, left and right rear channels and bass channel Six kinds of sound sources, through the left and right headphones in four independent sound cavity in the loudspeaker independent playback output to achieve a true sense of the multi-channel output sound source,

Enables gamers to enjoy multi-channel excellent audio output anytime, anywhere without having to place speakers in six different directions. Professional electric headset abandoned the traditional line control operation mode, the use of the headset Set control button, design operation is very convenient, in playing the game, only need to operate on the ear shell on it, simple and fast, to avoid the defects of wire control operation, at the same time, in order to increase the experience effect, set up a luminescent device on the headset, The light switch button enables the output of different color lights to meet the needs of a wide range of gamers, allowing gamers to experience more gaming fun.