Technical background of electro-competitive headphones

- Feb 10, 2019-

With the continuous development of electronic technology, people demand more and more high acoustics, audio devices from mono, stereo to Dolby Logic orientation system to digital surround type. Now DVD after several years of development, due to its larger disc capacity, clear image, and more audio real function, easy to use and other advantages, its penetration rate is also increasing.

Usually use DVD to enjoy the movie, in order to achieve the best home theater effect, need to be equipped with multi-channel amplifier, and then connected to a number of matching speakers, and the placement of multiple speakers greatly occupied space, and more wiring, very inconvenient, while the use of the process volume is large, will affect the rest of others.

In this regard, the user expects to cluster sound field positioning, sound source distance, channel separation and sound movement, such as multi-channel, good effect and can be applied to all kinds of audio playback equipment dedicated equipment, so digital decoding multi-channel surround sound system headphones came out in time.