Switch Clip Battery Pack

- Apr 09, 2019-

1,Brief Introduction of the product

Switch clip battery pack is a mobile power product designed for Switch Console designed with built-in 10000mAH high polymer lithium battery; Switch Console can be directly installed in the battery clip bag to carry, and it can charge while discharging to the Switch main engine and battery pack at the same time, no need to remove the Switch Console to charge seperately; you can use the original Switch power or standard Type_C power supply for charging directly; the appearance of product is simple and nice. Convenient and practical, it is a necessity for Switch game player on traveling.

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2,The characteristics of the product:

The MCU processor is controlled by the intelligent microchip management chip.

Intelligent precision protection circuit: Voltage overcharge protection, voltage overplay protection, current overload protection,

Short circuit protection, over temperature protection;

High efficiency conversion output circuit, 10000mAH high capacity polymer lithium battery energy storage electric core;

Support charging while discharging to Switch Console and battery pack at the same time;

The power input interface adopts the Type_C interface.

The built-in battery uses 4 lights to indicate the power of the battery.

The maximum efficiency of conversion can be over 80%.

The Switch console can be installed directly on the back clamp of battery pack.

It can be charged to the Switch Console and small handle at the same time for once;

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3,Battery power Description:

When the first light of the battery power is on, it means there are 0-25% of electricity, 2 lights on means 25-50% power, 3 lights on means

50-75% power, 4 lights all on means 75-100%.

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4,Instructions for Power charger to charge this product:

The power adapter is charged with a Switch original adapter or a standard Type_C power supply.

When the adapter is charging this product, the battery power indicator light flashes from the 1-4 lamp.

When it is charged to 25%, the first indicator light is on, and the 2-4 lights are on  successively.

When it is charged to 50%, the 1-2 indicator lights are always on, and the 3-4 lights are on successively.

When it is charged to 75%, 1-3 indicator lights are on, and the 4 light is flashing.

When the charge is full to 100%, the 1-4 indicator lights are always bright.

When the electricity is less than 10%, the first light flickers and it is time to charge the product.

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5,Instructions to the Switch host charging

The Switch Console can be installed directly on the back clamp of battery pack. Press the power switch button, the power indicator lights up for about 10 seconds and it will automatically charge the Switch host.

If the Switch Console is charged while playing the game, the Switch Console uses preferentially battery in the battery packs (note: Default for the Switch host system).

When the power adapter is inserted to charge the battery pack, it will automatically wake the boot to charge the Switch host.

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6,Description on power switch button function and dormancy:

Switchgear: Press the power switch button to turn on; press the power switch button for 3-5 seconds and turn off the machine.

Check the battery power: press the power switch button, the power indicator lights flash from the 1-4 lights for a circle, and the indicator light turns permanently on. The number of indicator lights that are always on is the current battery power.

The time of automatic dormancy: When this product doesn't fully charge the Switch Console or when the Switch Console is full of electricity, it automatically enters the dormancy mode after about 30 seconds.

Switch Console charging: You need to wake up the power by pressing switch button for about 10 seconds to charge the Switch Console.