PS4, Vita, Switch & Steam Coming West in October

- Jun 28, 2019-

NG, the horror visual novel from Experience Inc and follow-up to last year's Death Mark will be coming west for PS4, Vita, Switch and Steam, the game's official website reveals. This has seemingly gone up slightly early as there is not yet an official announcement from publisher Aksys Games.

Read a description of the title below:

Beware the Creeping Horror…

Aksys Games is thrilled to announce that the hit horror adventure NG will be creeping onto the Nintendo Switch™ console, PlayStation®4 system, Steam and digitally for the PlayStation®Vita in Fall 2019. NG is the second entry in the new Spirit Hunter series, and the companion story to last year’s award-winning sound novel, Death MarkNG follows the story of a young man ona life-threatening quest to discover who—or what—is responsible for the disappearance of his little sister. To save her, our protagonist must team up with shady characters, face down spirits of legend, and make difficult decisions that can greatly alter the outcome of the game. Can you save your sister and stop evil from destroying all that you hold dear? Or will you find yourself just another victim ofan angry spirit?

Creeping Horrors, Familiar Settings

While its predecessor, Death Mark, found its spirits in distinct, horrifying locales, NG weaves fear seamlesslyinto the mundane. Face down monsters in quiet residential streets, neighborhood parks, and even the protagonist’s own home. Be careful—terror lurks behind every corner.

More Than A Visual Novel

NG offers an immersive and exciting gameplay experience, in which players must make decisions at key momentsin order to survive. Players are offered a “Judge System,” which allows them to respond to each event with a spectrum of disparate reactions.

Search for Clues

Use a flashlight to examine each location in order to solve the game’s terrifying mystery. Watch out! You may unearth more than you’ve bargained for.

Beautiful But Deadly

The game features gorgeous illustrations from artist Fumiya Sumio, who makes the terror in each character’s face impossible to miss and renders horrifying spiritswith stunning detail."