PS4 Multi-function Cooling and Charging Station

- Apr 08, 2019-

1.      Instruction:

    The PS4 multi-function fan base is an electronic product that can reduce the operating temperature of the PS4 Console and charge the PS4 Controller.

    It can also be used as a PS4 Console stand with strong compatibility. 

PS4-18119 Instruction

    This product can effectively reduce PS4 host temperature, improve host performance and reduce power consumption. 

     There are two charging seats on the right side of the base to charge the original PS4 handle, plug and charge. This charging seat uses the same charging method as the original PS4 charging seat, effectively prolonging the life of the handle battery. 

TP4-18119 charging state

    On the left side of the base, 16 game CDs frequently played by game players can be placed at the same time. This base can be compatible with the old PS4 mainframe, PS4 Slim mainframe and PS4 Pro mainframe.

TP4-18119 4